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Tutorial: how to submit a DELTA proposal

Welcome to the proposal submission tutorial. We will guide you through a submittal process. If you have any questions that are not covered here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Technical notes

The system runs on a server computer in Dortmund, not inside your web browser. The browser just displays the data it gets from the system and submits your actions. As a consequence, if you use the "back" or "reload" buttons of your browser, no data is send to the server and the system will not notice the page change. This can lead to (at least) unexpected effects, so we advice strongly not to use those browser functions while you are logged into the DELTA user system.

Step #1: create an account

When you first start the system, you will see the following page:

Screenshot: title page

We will assume here that you have not yet created a user account. Clicking on the "New account" button will take you to the account creation page, where you have to specify your full name and address:

Screenshot: account creation

The "Submit" button will upload your entries to the server, which will then create your user account for you. The "Reset" button clears the form without sending any data. If something fails, an error message appears at the top of the page (right below the headline). Reasons for problems could be e.g. a duplicate user name and/or email address (both have to be unique in the system!).

Step #2: log in

After you have successfully created a user account, you can log in by giving your user name and the corresponding password:

Screenshot: log in

After successful login, you enter the summary page. From here you can place a new proposal, view previous proposals and modify your user account data. The "Log out" button ends your session and immediately takes you back to the login screen. "Modify account" enables you to correct and to review the details you specified during account creation. Please note that the server will never send your password back to you, so you have to re-enter it every time you change your account data.

Screenshot: summary page

Step #3: submit a new proposal

Now click on "New proposal". This will take you to the proposal creation page:

Screenshot: new proposal

To specify co-proposers, enter a name into the search field and click the "Search" button:

Screenshot: add co-proposer

Choose the co-proposer in the list of entries matching your search term and click "Add as co-proposer". Repeat this procedure until all co-proposers are specified. Next, you have to specify the beamline for your experiment, the experiment title and the amount of beamtime you will need in terms of 8 hour shifts. With the "Proposal file" entry the filename of your prepared detailed experiment description in PDF format is specified.

Screenshot: specify proposal details

After you have verified that all entries are complete and correct, confirm this by clicking on the check box near the end of the form. Now you can click the "Submit" button; this will send your data including the PDF description file to the server where it will be saved as a new proposal entry.

Now the system switches back to the summary page. To verify the proposal data, select "List proposals" on the left. The system now lists the open proposals you have placed (it actually also lists 'old' proposals, but those are blocked from modifications and can only be viewed). In this list, you can also delete proposals.

Screenshot: add co-proposer

By selecting "View prop.", you can review the proposal data:

Screenshot: view proposal

With the "Get PDF" button the PDF data of the proposal can be downloaded. Selecting "Modify" will take you to a page where you can re-submit your proposal if necessary. Please note that the proposal ID changes on modification (since the entry is deleted and re-entered).

Final notes

You can update proposals only before the deadline. On the date of the deadline, the proposals are "closed" (i.e., blocked from modifications). From that time on, you can still view the proposal details and download the PDF description, however.