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Note 1:

Please do not use the history functions or the 'reload' button of your browser. Otherwise the management software most likely will get quite confused and unexpected things can happen.

Note 2:

Although this site was prepared with a maximum of browser interoperability in mind, compatiblity tests showed problems using certain user agents:

If you use Opera 7 or older, please switch the style mode to "user mode". This will deactivate offending CSS elements, rendering the site usable, albeit not 'pretty'.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6.0 with the newest updates installed renders the pages with minor flaws (hardly noticable). The new version 7 works without problems as well. Older versions produce serious rendering errors and cannot be recommended.

All recent browsers based on the 'Gecko' engine (e.g., Firefox or other Mozilla derivates) or on KHTML (i.e., Konqueror, Apple's Safari) work without any known problems. Opera (version 8 or newer) also works well.

Apart from that, almost any text mode browser (Links, Lynx) should work, as well as voice browsers. Feedback is welcome.